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During the Shang Dynasty , Xingtai functioned as a capital city. During the Zhou Dynasty , the State of Xing — from which the present name derives — was founded in the city. During the Warring States period , the state of Zhao made Xingtai its provisional capital. During the Sui and Tang dynasties , the city was known as Xingzhou.

Sui, Tang and Song times saw the zenith of ceramics production in what was the most prolific ceramics center of northern China rivaling the Yue ware from the South. Also, a visit to White Cloud Cave of Mount Kong, the most magnificent and largest karst caves in the same latitude in the world, will make a memorable stay in Xingtai. There are four large cave chambers which present different views. The first chamber is as splendid as heaven. The crystal stone screens hangs right in front of you, shining brightly dazzling your eyes.

The second chamber shows us a scene which may exist in hell by a forest of overhanging strange and jagged stones. The third chamber is a peaceful human world with a forest of rocks and creeks. The fourth chamber tells you what it is like in the Dragon Palace in the stories by presenting stone tree branches and densely covered pools. Here, the nature is the great sculptor and the vast array of stones is its favorite works.

Due to its graceful conformation, it is regarded as the museum of karst cave and underground maze. Dotted by the beautiful and verdant hills, the land presents a picturesque view which is good for relaxing and contemplation.

Gorges of Taihang Mountains It is a forges community comprised of total 24 gorges along the Taihang Mountains forming a series of spectacular sights. There are also buses running every 30 minutes from Shijiazhuang and Jinan. Weather - Enjoying a warm-temperate monsoon climate, Xingtai is dry and usually windy in spring.

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